Chateau Rescue Initiative: Laura + Susana

Jul 17, 2020|

Laura and Susana are two friends who care deeply about improving the lives of disadvantaged dogs and cats. With more than 30 animals under their care at the moment, plus years of success stories behind them rescuing dogs and cats from across the country, rehabilitating and then finding them fur-ever homes, Chateau Canine Rescue is supporting these two angels to be the very best they can be. Through your purchases on, our contribution helps to pay for medical bills, rehab costs and relocation flights that dramatically changes the lives of these animals in need.

How to support Laura and Susana’s efforts?

Simply use the coupon code | supportl+s | for any product purchase on

Two things will happen:

  1. Chateau Canine will donate 5% of your product purchase to Laura & Susana’s animals in need
  2. YOU will get a 5% discount on your purchase for supporting this initiative

Here are just a few of the lives that that Laura and Susana, through their hard work and compassion have already changed:

Ginko was one of three siblings found in a constructions sight in Beijing. One of the many cases of stray puppies left behind. They all needed to get to a safe place immediately. Ginko was the shy one, often staying behind from her two very active siblings. It took her a little while to get over her fears and bond with humans but eventually she did and the perfect family came along for her.

Bella was an elderly rescue who was found abandoned in the outskirt of Beijing with a perforated breast cancer, bleeding, with little mobility left. She survived a life saving surgery, but battled psychological stress, which even turned into with self-harming behavior. She flew to Canada for further treatment, but unfortunately she was only given 4 to 6 months to live. An amazing forever family came along for her, Bella got to experience what it means to be surrounded by love and was able to live a full life for 2 more years.

Stella was found abandoned and bleeding in the outskirts of Beijing after a car accident. Her back leg was shattered and had lost much blood. Her condition was between life and death for a week, but she managed to survive. Her leg was amputated and an amazing foster came along to help her rehabilitate not only physically, but also psychologically. It wasn’t long before they bonded so much that a temporary arrangement turned into a perfect adoption match.

Ginko @ Rescue
Ginko @ Rehabilitation
Ginko with her furever family

Bella @ Rescue
Bella @ Rehabilitation
Bella living her best life
Stella @ Rescue
Stella @ Rehabilitation
Stella with her furever family

At Chateau Canine, we believe that small sustainable steps can lead to big changes in our society. If you want to help in a small sustainable way, its really easy, just tell your friends about the work these folks are doing.

This initiative started on Sunday 19th July 2020 and within its first 5 weeks raised over ¥1000 which went towards the expenses of Laura + Susana’s rescue animals.

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