Out & About: Chaobai River Park

Jul 24, 2020|

One of Beijing’s best parks

that isn’t even on THE MAP!

Live in Beijing? Got a dog? Wish you could take them to a great park with trees, water, grass and no fuss? Then this could be the spot for you!

Just outside the 6th Ring, less than 1 hour from Sanlitun HULU or 35 mins from Shunyi HULU. Big Shout Out to these two very very dog friendly restaurants that you can stop at on the way back after a bucket load of fun. (Hulu’s owner has a Doberman, Weimaraner and a Pug), this is a great half day trip with your pup to have a run around, get some good exercise and enjoy a beautiful and diverse location. Please note, there are no shops in this park, so its BYO everything!

Speaking of things to take? We suggest a blanket and a small picnic basket (plenty of water during summer, its hot hot hot) and sit on the grass, even take a tent if you want (they are available at Decathlon) to really get out of the sun and enjoy some beautiful scenery with your pup.

This park is open all day long, also open on public holidays and has been open all during Covid. You will need to show your WeChat health kit thingie on the way in and register, but they are quite pleasant about it all and very relaxed.

Both DIDI (Taxi) and HUO LALA (Move larger items…like dogs) are available to and from this site, however you may need to wait for 10 mins on the way back, so it’s wise to plan ahead.

Search in your Didi map: 潮白河钓鱼 Chao Bai He Diao Yu (Chao Bai River Fishing)

Search in your Huo Lala map: 潮白河钓鱼 Chao Bai He Diao Yu (Chao Bai River Fishing)

Relative location

Hop, skip and a jump and you’re there!
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