Out & About: Beijing Staycation With Your Pup

Jul 31, 2020|

Going Covid-Crazy? Need to get out of the city for a night or two before you lose your mind?

Chateau Canine to the rescue! We have a great mini-vacation spot for you AND your dogs!

Great accommodation, outstanding food, wonderful dog play locations and a few good friends is just what you need to cure your covid summer blues. The Chateau Team has searched for just the right combination to get you back to some level of normal.

Our chosen accommodation is located about 2 hours outside of the Sanlitun, while still being inside greater Beijing (No covid testing required as at date of publication) and had the following features:

  • Dogs are welcome
  • It’s very clean
  • 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms – perfect for 2 couples (maximum 5 people if you want to bring children too)
  • Separate dining and lounge room with projector and several thousand movie choices to relax after a big day out
  • Very large upstairs balcony with “old school” chua-er style BBQ, coal is provided, but BYO a lighter and a fire starter if you need it
  • Full equipped kitchen (but no forks or BBQ Tongs – We have already told the landlord of this oversight)
  • Upon arrival you are met by two uniformed housekeepers who will help you with your luggage, then help you register (just leave your personal details & check temp), then they disappear. If you are staying for two nights, they can come back on the second day and clean out any rubbish if you need, but will ask first via WeChat.
  • The housekeepers will do any washing up and then disinfect everything before the next guests arrive. It was immaculate when we checked in.

树茵下 Shu Yin Xia Country House must be booked in advance, please email: linny “at” chateaucanine.com and she will supply you the landlords details through WeChat

You will need a car to get to this location, there is no public transport. If you don’t have access to a car we suggest renting from ShenZhou ZuChe https://www.zuche.com/ there is also an App 神州租车. We have done it many times before and its quite reasonably priced and fairly easy to do, especially after they get all your details the first time (Passport & Drivers License).

Now let’s talk about food. Up in the mountains you can’t just run down to the local Jenny’s for supplies, so we stepped up the culinary class a few notches by picking up a Hulu BBQ Box. TRB Group is easily one of Beijing’s best restaurant groups and the The Hulu BBQ Box is fantastic! It can be prepared for pick up or delivered the following day to your home before you depart. It contains:

The box can be ordered through their WeChat Account for Orders which you can add by searching for the account name ilovehuluforever or scanning the above QR Code.

In the video, Apollo is wearing the Ruffwear Float Coat (doggy life jacket) and can be purchased by clicking here. Use the coupon code: mydogfloats for a 20% discount when purchasing your Float Coat. Not only does it keep her buoyant and safer when in the water, but also gives peace of mind to her Mum & Dad when she is swanning about!

So, where did we go with our dogs when up in the Huairou Mountains? These are the cool dog friendly places that we checked out:

Bao Shan Ba Jing – Nan Tian Guan Lan (Big River Walk), search for 宝山八景 – 南天观澜 in your maps and it should look like this:

Bai He Wan River Swim 1 (shallow water training) search for 北京田源鸡度假村 in your maps and it should look like this:

Bai He Wan River Swim 2 (Both Shallow & Deeper Water & Picnic) search for 郭九顺民俗餐厅 in your maps and it should look like this:

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