Out & About: So Much To Do In Shimen Shan!

Aug 5, 2020|

There is SO MUCH TO DO in Shimen Shan! Doggies can go:

  • Swimming (free)
  • Hiking (free)
  • Canoeing (rental fee applies)
  • BBQ-ing (food package must be purchased from the site)
  • Camping (accommodation fee applies)

You can do those things too if you want… Entry is just ¥35 per hooman, free for dogs and its about 1 hour (outside of peak traffic time) from Sanlitun and about 50mins from Shunyi. Watch the video and see the beautiful location and great fun to be had. Click here to see Chateau Canine’s growing library of helpful and fun videos for keeping your pup happy, healthy and safe in the middle kingdom.

How to get there? Self driving, then search for Shimenshan Scenic Area Parking Lot in your map or or 石门山景区 in Chinese. It should look like this:

You can arrange either a Didi or Huo Lala by searching for the same. Perhaps on the way out there, have a little “tan yi tan” (negotiation) with your driver to see if he wants to stay out there and wait for you to get the ride on the way back too, because be aware, once you get out there, you may not be able to get a Didi or Huo Lala back as quickly.

Alternatively, its perfect for getting a 24 hour car rental where you pick up the car the night before and do it in a day trip, returning the car that evening after a day of fun. We recommend renting from ShenZhou ZuChe https://www.zuche.com/ there is also an App from them in the app store: 神州租车-大品牌放心租. We have done it many times before and its quite reasonably priced and fairly easy to do, especially after they get all your details the first time (Passport & Driver’s License).

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