Bad Doggie Breath

Dec 11, 2020|

Bad doggie breath is just the tip of the iceberg!

Many dog owners don’t realize how important a dog’s dental health is until it’s too late. Bad dental health is not just what you see and smell on the surface, it goes much much deeper. Dental inflammation can lead to heart, liver and kidney disease, and even sepsis! It can seriously affect your dog’s quality and length of life. This one minute video gives you quick run down of things to look out for!

How does it start?

Plaque is an invisible film of bacteria that lives on the teeth, regular brushing or rubbing can help keep it under control. However if left alone and over fed with carbs and not cleaned regularly, the plaque will start to build their Fortress of Tartar (the yellow stuff) on the base of the teeth. Bacteria’s sole mission is to invade the blood, and the gums are the best entrance because of its capillaries. Once the bacteria enters the blood stream, this provides direct access to all vital organs and the body is then forced into this underlying battle to fight the infection. If action isn’t taken, if we do not remove their fortress, and if we keep on providing resources for the plaque to keep building, the dog’s body will be in a long and exhausting battle which it will eventually lose. The bacteria will move around through the blood causing inflammation everywhere it goes, which can lead to heart failure, liver disease, kidney disease, and even sepsis.

What to do?

  1. If tartar is already heavy and gums are inflamed, we recommend booking a professional teeth clean with a qualified vet (do not go to a pet store, cosmetic teeth clean and professional teeth clean are two different things) with suitable facilities for anesthetizing your dog during the procedure. If you need suggestions on vets, please contact us.
  2. Then actively look into ways to maintain good dental health for your dog. It can include diet change, appropriate chew toys and bones, and regular teeth brushing.

Now go and give your dog a kiss, if it’s just too stinky, it’s time to take action. Add Chateau Canine on WeChat (chateaucanine) for free advice about how to manage your dog’s dental hygiene in a sustainable, inexpensive, natural way!

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