Mummy, I’m NOT A COW! – Part 1

Jan 8, 2021|

Let’s take a moment to review your dog’s jaw, teeth and their various functions and see what they are telling you about your dog’s diet. We hope you enjoy this fun little fact filled video.

A few evolutionary facts for you:

Firstly, canines, well, have big canines. Those four big pointy teeth at each corner of their jaw are genetically designed for grabbing onto, and tearing flesh. Secondly, the rear teeth are sharp like a war axe, not flat (like a cow’s), these are designed to crack and break appropriately sized raw bones and meat. Thirdly, a dog’s jaw cannot move side to side, nor are the back teeth flat, therefore they are not designed for grinding down grains or cud. Additionally, if the jaw could move side to side, there would be risk of dislocation when catching a moving prey in its mouth. Fourthly, a dog’s jaw and their cousin’s the wolves jaw are essentially identical, only breeding has changed the size of the jaw.

What conclusions can you draw from this? From an evolutionary perspective your dog should be consuming more meat and less to no grains in their diet. Something to think about the next time you buy a bag of dog food. Take a minute, look at the ingredients on the list on the back. Are there grains/cereals taking up prime position in the first 4 or 5 ingredient items? (wheat, rice, corn, oats etc) If so, perhaps its time to update your beloved furbaby to something more evolutionarily suitable. If you don’t know what would be a good choice, contact the Chateau Canine team through our WeChat account and we would be happy to provide you a list of better options available in China today! (WeChat ID: ChateauCanine)

Chateau Canine’s mission: keeping your dog healthy, happy and safe in China!

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