Mummy, I’m NOT A COW! – Part 2

Jan 15, 2021|

Let’s take a moment to review your dog’s saliva, stomach acid, number of stomachs and their various functions and see what they are telling you about your dog’s diet. We hope you enjoy this series’ second little fact filled video.

A few more evolutionary facts for you:

Firstly, cows technically don’t actually have 4 stomachs, they do however have 4 distinct separate compartments in their one giant stomach of which the contents can be voluntarily “un-swallowed” (aka puked up on demand) and then chewed again, then swallowed again. So gross. This is called rumination and is the foundation of the cow’s digestion and fermentation process of their food. Perfect for high starch and grain diets. Dog’s on the other hand do not have this bodily function.

Secondly, dog’s have some really potent stomach acid. At peak acidity (when smashing a meal) the PH can be as low as in a car battery (PH of 1 or less). In addition, studies have shown that dogs produce more than 100 times the amount of stomach acid of humans. That is why sometimes when a dog hasn’t eaten for a while it will vomit up some of its excess stomach acid (that yellowy gooey liquid). Cows on the other hand have a PH level in their stomach(s) of 6-7 and a very long digestive process.

So, let’s look at the information we have so far (including part 1):

  1. Dogs have the right teeth for breaking down meat and raw bones
  2. Dogs don’t have the right saliva for processing grains, therefore we also can see the quick build up of tartar on their teeth
  3. Dogs have a high amount of very acidic stomach acid ideal for processing meat and raw bones, but this acid does nothing with whole grains
  4. Dogs are a carnivore with omnivore abilities, meaning they can survive on carby/starchy foods, but thrive on carnivore diet

These evolutionary facts above are certainly something that we dog lovers should all be “ruminating” on… (See what I did there? 😉 )

Canine nutrition is a complex and confusing topic, with a lot of parties out there having a VERY VESTED interest in their own opinion being right. If you don’t know what would be the best choice for YOUR pup, contact the Chateau Canine team through our WeChat account and we would be happy to provide you a list of suitable options across the spectrum available now in China. (WeChat ID: ChateauCanine)

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Special Thanks to Jema for the voice contribution! Find her Youtube Channel: Mooncake English

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