Why This & Not That: Collars vs Harnesses

Feb 26, 2021|

Literally every single day, dog lovers from around China get in touch and ask the Chateau Canine team advice about something. Whether it be about training, nutrition, equipment, vets, travel, accommodation, social activities, adoption, injuries…the list goes on…even the occasional bit of marriage counselling (I wish I was kidding!) So we have put together a list of hot topics that we get asked the most and this series will focus on tackling “Why This & Not That”.

Collars tends to be more effective during doggy training sessions, simply because you have greater control over the dog. The inherent nature of any training session is to guide the dog to the limit of their ability and beyond – that is how growth occurs, therefore, the handler having better control of the dog is quite important. If we can guide, lead and direct our pup during training more effectively, we will be more successful and reduce risk. For example, if your dog is a scavenger and regularly tries to snatch random or dangerous things off the ground, a collar is a better bet to keep them safe.

Harnesses are great for a well-trained dogs, and very suitable for long walks or hiking scenarios. However, if your pup is at beginner level of basic training, and especially if your dog loves pulling on the leash when walking, the harness will give them more leverage to pull at full force, more than likely enabling them to get to what they want which will only reinforce more pulling…it’s a slippery slope! If you want to understand more about how to train your dog, we have a range of human training vids talking about how to shape the behavior of your dog.

Finally, there are indeed some doggies that we need to consider their physical condition when choosing a collar or harness. For dogs with breathing difficulties, or with physical disabilities, then a harness tends to be more suitable, but let me be clear, if your dog is choking while using a collar, then you are not using it correctly!

As always dog lovers, the team and I are here to answer any questions that you have regarding your dog and its development, give us a shout out on our wechat and we can work together to keep your dog healthy, happy and safe in China!

See you in the next vid on Why This and Not That!

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