I want to take my dog to the beach!

Aug 27, 2021|

For a decent chunk of us China based doggo parents, it may be hard to admit, but Beijing despite its many positives is not the friendliest place in the world for dogs. Continual tightening of dog rules, difficulties with license system that, in comparison to Shanghai, is very archaic and inconsistent. Then, compound this with limited places to take our dogs without attracting unwanted attention for play, the Chateau Canine team decided that this summer it was time to hit the road and head to the beach!


Firstly, it is EASY! You and your pupster(s) can do it too!

Secondly, let me walk you through the steps:

Step 1:

Look for the beach nearest you and confirm your target destination. For most folks in Beijing for example, Qinhuangdao is a very popular spot. It is reasonably well developed, only about 3½ hours away by car, and there are a few quiet spots around town where you can take your dog without much fuss for a swim.

Step 2:

Figure out your transport. There are private drivers who will run you out there, but then you won’t have a car out there, which depending on where you are staying may be a little inconvenient. Alternatively, you can do what we did, we rented a car from Shen Zhou Zu Che through their app (search 神州租车). We drove out there ourselves for the weekend, had a car to run around town and see the sights, then could come back when we were ready.

Step 3:

Get onto airbnb.com and choose a place that is right for you. Just search Qinhuangdao. Don’t forget to tick the Accepts Pets box, then also definitely reach out to the Host first to confirm that they can accept international passport holders. Some can’t/choose not to.

Step 4:

Get an order in from Chateau Canine’s WeChat store a few days in advance (order before 2:30pm will be sent out that day for free across China), make sure you are well stocked in food, treats, poop bags and probably a doggie chamois and a little bottle of shampoo as well if pupsters are swimming. If you really want to get seriously swimming with your pup, you can also look at a doggy lifejacket like the one Apollo has. All these products are on the store linked below.

Step 5:

Get everything packed, then you are nearly on your way! Before you walk out the door however, make sure everyone has their passport/ID with them as you will be checked when you re-enter Beijing and will need to present ID. You DO NOT want to discover what happens if you don’t have your ID.

Any questions you may have, advice needed about accommodation, suggestions on where specifically to go at the beach, feel free to contact our customer service team and we’ll send you through some links and details!

Have fun and stay safe guys!

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