Ruffwear Double Track™ Coupler 2 Dog Leash | Lead


  • Make one lead become two
  • Shock absorbant design
  • Sturdy & reliable
  • Easy to clip/unclip

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The Ruffwear Double Track Coupler is a leash adapter that allows easy, tangle-free walking of two dogs. Wavelength™ stretch webbing absorbs shock, providing a comfortable experience for dogs and their humans. The swiveling Crux Clip™ provides strong and secure attachment to both dogs. Combine with most Ruffwear leashes for the ultimate multi-dog setup.

Additional features:

  • Adapt any leash to a two-dog walking system with the single-piece
  • Anodized aluminium V-ring.
  • Shock absorbant design
  • Made in Vietnam

Washing instructions:

  • Hand wash
  • Mild detergent
  • Air dry


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