Isle of Dogs No. 50 Light Conditioner


  • Seals the cuticle to prevent damage
  • Formulated for added silkiness and shine
  • Highly recommended second step in grooming process


No. 50 Light Conditioner is a light moisture-enhancing conditioner featuring Evening Primrose Oil that leaves a luxurious finish on the coat. The hair will be shiny and healthy, skin will be protected, and brushing will be easier. When you shampoo the coat you activate and open the cuticle layer on the hair shaft. By using a conditioner, you activate it and close it back down. Without conditioning, the cuticle acts like little barbs down the outside of the hair shaft catching on each other, thus making it much harder for the dead hair to fall out quickly. Using a conditioner helps speed up the shedding process.

PLEASE NOTE: Gallon sizes do not come with pumps.


For optimum results, work a good amount into the coat and skin and let it remain for up to five minutes. Rinse thoroughly, then dry.

May be diluted 5:1 to maintain extra volume.

Size: 60ml | 250ml | 1000ml | 1 gallon

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60ml, 250ml, 1000ml, 1 gallon


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