Pet Shuttle Service – Yuan Shifu

From: ¥80.00

  • Experienced pet transportation specialist
  • Trained by Chateau Canine
  • Small car so your pet isn’t waiting around for hours for other pets to be dropped off/picked up
  • Beijing special number plate so can travel anywhere in the city 7 days a week
  • Range of crate sizes available
  • Crates are disinfected after every guest’s use
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Welcome to Yuan Shifu’s Pet Shuttling Service!

Yuan Shifu is an experienced pet transportation specialist. He exclusively transports Chateau Canine guests to and from Chateau Canine’s facilities and the client’s home.

Steps to book:

  1. Choose the size of pets that you have, please be mindful of your choice, this will not be able to be changed once you have made the booking (as crate size impacts other client’s availability and scheduling)
  2. Choose the time of day (2 hour block) when you would like him to come to your house to pick up or drop home your pet.
    • As you are already a VIP member of this platform, we have all your address details already on hand so you don’t need to input them each time
  3. Yuan Shifu will arrive and you will get a picture of where he is parked near your apartment building/gate. If you live in a villa he will park outside your door and ring your doorbell directly.
    • If in a gated villa community, please ensure you tell the estate management in advance that you have a VISITOR coming in – please do not wait for them to call you, they often make delivery vehicles wait more than 10mins. The car’s number plate is QC8390.
  4. Here is a list of things that you need to pack
    • Items to pack when checking in (blue ikea bags are ideal)
      1. Dog food and feeding instructions (English)
      2. Treats and snacks
      3. Toys
      4. Bed or blanket
      5. Old clothes from owner
      6. Medication (if any and instructions in English)
      7. Valid vaccination booklets – we will need the original every accommodation
      8. Valid dog license – we will need the original every accommodation
  5. Yuan Shifu will not handle your pet, please put your pet into the crate yourself, then remove the lead and put it into the bag with the rest of your items and give Yuan Shifu the bag. (Your dog will be wearing its collar/harness on the trip back and you will use the lead to take your pet from the crate upon return home)
  6. Yuan Shifu will then start the route back and you will be notified when your pet arrives at Chateau Canine
  7. Don’t forget to book the return trip!!!


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