Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Crate


  • Heavy-duty, quality plastic construction made in the USA
  • Metal bolts with non-corrosive plastic wing nuts
  • Durable wire doors and windows for airflow and security
  • Live animal identification stickers included
  • Dual food and water clip-on cups
  • Four-way latching system for security  (3 larger breed sizes)


The Petmate® Sky Kennel® is the ideal kennel for your pet’s comfort and security.

This heavy-duty kennel features high-strength plastic construction, durable wire doors that interlock for added security, 360-degree wire ventilation windows to promote healthy air flow, metal securing rim bolts with non-corrosive plastic wing-nuts for durable assembly and secure easy to operate door latches for safety. The Sky Kennel is considered the Gold standard for pet travel allowing your pet to feel at home even when traveling. Each kennel includes “Live Animal” identification labels and a dual food and water cup. The Sky Kennel is also eco-friendly and made from recycled materials. Meets most air travel requirements. Always check first however with your chosen airline as they each have their own requirements, some of which can be breed specific.

No refunds or exchange offered for incorrect choice.

The below dimensions are for airlines to be able to calculate shipping as it charged in cubic inches.

For choosing the right size for your dog, we suggest taking 8cm off the lengths provided below, as there is front and back frames of the crate that the dog cannot use.

The two key measurements are: Paws to top of ears and nose to relaxed tail.


Sky Kennel Sizes

(L x W x H)

#100 (with handle)
Weight: 2.73kg
External dimensions: 53.3 x 40.6 x 38.1cm
Cats, Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers,
Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus
Pets up to 15 Lbs
#200 (with handle)
Weight: 5.67kg
External dimensions: 71 x 52 x 54.6cm
Beagles, Shelties, Min. Poodles,
Cockers, Lhasa Apsos
Pets 25 – 30 Lbs
#300 (no handle)
Weight: 7.26kg
External dimensions: 81.3 x 57.2 x 61cm
Springers, Border Collies, Bull Dogs
Pets 30 – 50 Lbs
#400 (no handle)
Weight: 9.41kg
External dimensions: 91.4 x 63.5 x 68.6cm
Boxers, Dalmatians, Collies, Airedales,
Setters, Aust. Shepherds, Dobermans
Pets 50 – 70 Lbs
#500 (no handle)
Weight: 13.82kg
External dimensions: 101.6 x 68.6 x 76.2cm
Afghans, Retrievers, Pointers, Shepherds,
Pets 70 – 90 Lbs
#700 (no handle)
Weight: 23.36kg
External dimensions: 121.9 x 81.3 x 88.9cm
Irish Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards,
Mastiffs, Greyhounds
Pets 90 – 125 Lbs

pet-container-requirements_1_46e_en Click here to download IATA live animal regulations

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

00100, 00200, 00300, 00400, 00500, 00700


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