Sunpets Beef Gristle Chicken Roll


  • Two protein types
  • Low levels of fat
  • No additives
  • Great for chewing

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Sunpets is a local producer making some very tasty, quite good quality treats in a range of sizes and flavors for both dogs and cats.

This particular treat is chicken breast wraps around beef cartilage – thats it, nothing else added in. The dehydrating process maintains the high levels of nutrition. Instead of using rawhide, Sunpets used cartilage which is a lot easier to digest.

Our Chateau Canine Chief Tasting Officers and their friends have been smashing them and give the bark of approval.

Shelf life: 12 months

Net content: 60g
Ingredients: Chicken breast, beef cartilage
Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place at room temperature and avoid light

Product composition guarantee value:

Protein ≥50%
Fat ≥3%
Fiber ≤1%
Ash ≤8%
Moisture ≤10%

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