Terms & Conditions

Party A: Person booking accommodation for their pet

Party B: Company or individual providing accommodation services

Party A and Party B has reached the following understanding regarding the accommodation of the booked guest (see client booking). This is a framework agreement which clarifies both parties’ rights and obligations. All accommodation details shall refer to the booking confirmation email.

甲方的权利义务:Party A’s Rights and Obligations:

Except by special request, Party A shall provide all dog food during the boarding period. The guest being accommodated shall receive regular feeding, exercise and care from Party B.

Party A must fully disclose the guest’s physical and mental situation, including but not limited to details about health, allergies, character, fears, eating habits, play habits, and general interactions with other possible guests.

Any special requirements for accommodation will be completed in the attached check-in form.

At check in, Party A must present the original immunization booklet of the guest, in which must include valid 4in1, 6in1 or 8in1 immunization and Rabies immunization stickers. Failure to do so, Party B has the right to not accommodate Party A with no refund of any accommodation fees.

Based on the Regulations on Dog Management in Beijing, all dogs must be registered and the dog license must be renewed annually. Party A shall present the dog license upon checking in for Party B’s record.

Accommodation period, price and packages, please refer to the booking confirmation email.

乙方的权利和义务: Party B rights and obligations:

Party B shall provide for Party A’s guest daily feeding, accommodation and care, minimising any potential risks to the guest’s health or safety.

喂食:按照甲方的要求进行喂食 (详见入住表)
Feeding: Do their best to meet the requirements of the feeding regime as defined by Party A (See check-in form)

Accommodation: Provide guests with well ventilated, clean space for their accommodation, and daily exercise (minimum 3 times in 24 hours) in clean external or internal play areas.

Hygiene: Provide the guests with clean living area including regular and timely removal of faeces and urine with disinfectant.

Feedback: Party B will provide regular feedback to Party A regarding the health and well-being of the guest. During the accommodation period, Party B will provide photos and videos of the guest to Party A. Any and all digital materials provided to Party A are, and remain the property of Party B.

乙方在签订合同 时,有权要求甲方真实的提供寄养宠物的健康、性格、爱好、生活习惯等,并进行初步健康检查和接触。
When signing the agreement, Party B has right to request Party A to provide all information about the guest, regarding health, characteristics, hobbies, habits etc. Party B also will conduct a basic health check.

If Party A failed to provide Party B with any information regarding the guest’s health or other force majeure caused damage (including unknown or non-disclosed historical diseases or other factors including but not limited to earthquake, war, fire, flood, theft, cyclone etc), Party B shall not bear any responsibility.

If Party A failed to provide Party B with valid dog license, and if the dog were confiscated by the authority during accommodation, Party B shall not bear any responsibility.

Both Parties agree:

Party B is only responsible for any non-self inflicted external wound or damage. If any medical issue occurs, Party B shall notify Party A in a timely manner, and Party A will decide on preferred course of treatment. If an emergency situation emerges, Party A authorizes Party B to conduct immediate first aid at Party A’s expenses. If any incident results in external wounds leading to death, or loss of the guest, Party B shall compensate Party A up to, but not exceeding an amount of RMB5,000.

在未得到甲方书面要求的情况下,若甲方的宠物在寄养期间意外怀孕,所产生的相关费用由乙方承担, 赔付上限为人民币五千元整。
Without having Party A’s written consent, if a guest becomes pregnant accidentally, Party B shall cover all related expenses caused by the pregnancy up to but not exceeding an amount of RMB5,000.

Any guests’ death which are caused by malignant disease, including but not limited to genetic disease, chronic disease, cardiovascular disease, and are not caused by Party B’s  negligence of work, Party B shall bear no responsibilities. Party A shall cover all medical and related expenses.    

Party A should provide with Party B truthful contact information for Party B to reach in a timely manner. If Party A’s contact information is changed or invalid which caused any delays, Party B shall bear no responsibilities.

If the guest is showing any symptoms such as cold, diarrhoea, parasite inflection etc., Party B shall quarantine the guest and notify Party A in a timely manner.

If Party A has failed to pick up their guest after 3 days of the agreed accommodation end date, Party B has the right to unilateral termination the agreement.

本框架协议自甲方将委托寄养宠物交至乙方寄养之日起生效,直至新的框架协议取代。This framework agreement comes into effect upon the date of signature and continues until such a time where it is superseded by a new agreement.

If any dispute, both Parties in the first should attempt settlement through negotiation, should negotiation fail, both parties have the right to litigation.

If this agreement fails to cover a supplementary issue, Party A and Party B can create a mutually agreed supporting addendum, required in writing and attached in duplicate to this agreement.

In the case of any dispute, the Chinese language version of this agreement prevails.

Cancellation Policy

We offer a full refund for bookings 30 days prior to check-in, no questions asked. Closer than 30 days, we can change the booking within the same period of time, but do not offer any refunds. Our suggestion is: book what you definitely know you need now, then add on at front and back of the booking later if your plans change. This cancellation policy has successfully made our clients more accurate in their bookings, giving more clients the opportunity to get a spot during peak times. We sincerely hope you can understand and appreciate the merit of this policy.